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Aloha Chair Tsuji, Vice Chair Hashem, and members of the Agriculture Committee,
I am in support of HB1380, establishing a Farm to School program within the Department of Education.
Farm to School programs are a key component of sustainable food systems.  With rates of childhood obesity and diabetes rising to alarming levels, children’s exposure to fresh and locally produced foods—through school gardens, nutrition education, and better school lunch choices—is a way to ensure that that children become knowledgeable eaters and learn to make conscious and informed choices about the foods they eat.  An investment in these programs in the present will save taxpayers from having to pay the healthcare bill in the future, when an estimated 1/3 of our children may suffer from Type 2 diabetes, according to the CDC.  Formerly referred to as adult-onset diabetes, the rising rates of Type 2 diabetes in children can be directly attributed to the over-consumption of unhealthy processed foods and drinks, and can be avoided with changes in diet that would be supported by Farm to School programs.  Children often bring lessons learned in school home to their parents and communities, increasing the reach and value of these programs.  Additionally, increased procurement of locally grown produce for school lunches keeps dollars in the local economy, increases the market for local foods, and supports Hawaii’s farmers.