Get Outdoors!  


Outings Philosophy

Sierra Club Outings were started in 1901 by Club Founder John Muir. He was convinced that the best way to persuade people to fight to save valuable wild areas was to take them into the wilderness and let them experience for themselves the beauty that needs defending.

Here in Hawaii the Sierra Club has been leading hikes and service projects since 1968.  For over 40 years, outings have been conducted weekly in the islands, perpetuating John Muir’s philosophies.

When you come on a hike with the Hawaii Chapter you will join like minded people and get intimate with Hawaii’s unique landscapes, geology, and endemic species. Experienced Sierra Club Trained Outings leaders will guide you through any number of ecosystems and landscapes, teach you about the natural and cultural history of the area, and lead you to some of Hawaii’s most spectacular summits.

Click on Each Island to see the current Outings Schedule, contacts, and details. 

Read the Notice for All Outings

Sierra Club outings are conducted according to Club policy and under the direction of certified Outings Leaders. Our outings are group activites, and all participants are expected to follow leaders' instructions and to remain with the group for the entire outing.

We welcome all Sierra Club members, non-members, and visitors on most of our outings; however, certain outings may be restricted to members. Firearms, pets (unless specifically allowed), and audio devices, with or without headsets, are prohibited.

Smoking is only permitted at breaks, and then only if the smell of smoke cannot be detected by other hikers. Outing leaders may prohibit smoking altogether if, in their judgment, a fire hazard exists.

Participants will be required to acknowledge their understanding that the Sierra Club carries no participant insurance and that participants assume all risks for any car pooling as well as the outing undertaken.

What Do I Bring?

At least a liter of water (two liters for strenuous hikes), lunch, sunscreen, insect repellent, rain-gear/jacket, and day-pack. Boots, shoes with traction grooves (heeled footwear are best; no loafers), or tabis are required footwear. No bare feet or sandals of any type.

Where Do We Meet?

For questions about specific outings, such as where to meet, particular requirements, leader contacts, etc., please look at the outings page of the Group in charge of the event by clicking on the Island where the hike is held: Kaua`iMaui, Island of Hawai`i (Moku Loa), or O`ahu.