Resilient Habitats & Healthy Communities

Resilient Habitats

Whether your first moments on our islands were at birth or the minute you stepped off the plane, no doubt Hawaii has touched you in a way that no other locale can claim. A large part of Hawaii's magic can be attributed to its unique ecology. Hawaii is remotely situated in the center of the Pacific Ocean and is home to several species of animals and plants found no where else in the world. Humans have the potential to destroy or protect the island environs.The goal of these pages of the capitol watch website, is to empower individuals by informing them of the bills and actions relating to helping the ecosystems of Hawaii absorb and endure disturbance, in a way that will sustain the unique world that makes Hawaii,Hawaii.  Resilient Habitat will track legislative bills relating to:
  • Global warming/climate change issues
  • Protection of habitats and endangered species
  • Preserving ocean ecosystems
  • Other human impact concerns
Capitol Watch is one tool that is available to ensure Hawaii's uniqueness has a fair chance at survival. Do your part - stay informed, take action

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Legislative Tracker

Below is the legislative tracker for all of the Resilient Habitats and Healthy Communities bills introduced at the 2011 Legislature. You can view the status updates as well as a list of other organizations that might be active in supporting or opposing these bills.