Sierra Club Endorses Clayton Hee
For Lt. Governor 2014



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HONOLULU, HI – Today, the Sierra Club of Hawaii announced it is endorsing Clayton Hee for Lt. Governor.

The Sierra Club’s top priorities are moving Hawaii off dirty fossil fuels and changing our land use patterns. For many years Senator Hee has been one of the most consistent legislators fighting alongside us on these issues.

In 2011 he was the only member of the Legislature to intervene as an individual before the Land Use Commission in opposition to the proposed Ho‘opili and Koa Ridge monster sprawl development projects. In doing so he stood shoulder to shoulder with the Sierra Club.

The 1554 acres where D R Horton wants to build 11,750 homes at Ho‘opili, near Kapolei, are the most important food growing farmlands in the entire state – they produce about 25% of all the food grown in Hawai‘i. The 768 acres where Castle & Cooke wants to build 5000 homes at Koa Ridge are the second most important food growing farmlands in the state.

Senator Hee has joined the Sierra Club in appealing the Land Use Commission’s decisions on both those projects all the way to the state Supreme Court where we assert that Article XI of the Hawaii Constitution mandates the protection of prime agriculture land.

“Hawaii imports more than 90% of the food we eat,” said Senator Hee. “This situation is unsustainable for the future of Hawaii and places us at the mercy of others when conflicts arise such as labor disputes or inclement weather. This situation is not right for the future of Hawaii,” said Hee.

“The Sierra Club and I believe the Supreme Court will properly interpret the Constitution and reverse the Land Use Commission’s approval of 16,750 homes on farm land that is currently in production, providing jobs and food for the people of Hawaii.”

Senator Hee was also extremely active in fighting to repeal the Public Lands Development Corporation – the entity which threatened to skirt all environmental laws in pursuit of developing state owned parks, marinas and other public facilities. He led the fight in the Senate that was ultimately successful in killing the PLDC.

Senator Hee was also a leader in securing the funds that were essential to ensure that the state would be able to buy the conservation easements at Turtle Bay - which will prevent a major piece of the destructive development that was threatening the North Shore.

“Time and again Senator Hee has been prepared to take the lead where others have feared to tread,” said Scott Glen, Chair of the Sierra Club. “Having worked with him we firmly believe he understands the necessary connection between theb environment, our economy, and longterm sustainability.”

This candidate has committed to advocating for food and energy security in Hawai‘i.


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