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Interested in knowing what's going on at the Capitol?  We're here to help.  Here is a list of nearly all the environmental bills introduced in 2010.  You can also see the environmental bills that survived first crossover here.

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How Green Is Your Legislator?

Who is advocating for a sustainable Hawai`i at the State Capitol?  Our scorecard is an objective means to compare the relative environmental record of Hawai`i's lawmakers.  The scores were calculated based on a combination of floor votes on the Sierra Club's priority environmental bills and an index of other legislative actions taken by the legislator (bill introductions, committee votes, caucus advocacy, etc.).  

Want to know how your legislator did?  Review the 2008200620042002, or 2000 legislative scorecards. 

Need help in remembering your legislators?  Click here to find your elected official.  


Pictures by Eye of EinsteinGreen For All, and Anamorphic Mike.  Used under a creative commons license.