Policy Statement

It shall be the policy of Sierra Club, Hawai`i Chapter to support alternatives to automobile transportation on every island, provided that any alternative considered shall be consistent with the following policy guidelines:

Policy Guidelines

1. Any alternative transportation system should not be an undue burden on Hawai`i taxpayers.

2. Any alternative transportation system should enhance, rather than detract from, the scenic beauty along the route.

3. Planning procedures for any alternative transportation system must ensure full community participation in addressing development issues.

4. Any alternative transportation system must address the carrying capacity of the limited natural resources of each island and should consider the availability of infrastructure such as public utilities and affordable housing.

5. Any alternative transportation system should be cost effective and energy efficient.

6. Any alternative transportation system should include greenbelts for pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths.

7. Any alternative transportation system should promote a viable, resilient, sustainable, steady-state economy rather than encourage unbridled growth.

8. Any alternative transportation system should promote people getting out of automobiles. Any saved space should be kept "open".

9. Any alternative transportation system must be flexible to meet the needs of changing communities, i.e., incorporate a bus feeder system attached to a fixed rail proposal.

This Transportation Systems Policy was approved by the Sierra Club Hawai`i Chapter Executive Committee at its quarterly meetings held July 25-26, 1992.

 The O`ahu Group's position on the City and County of Honolulu rail project can be found here.


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