Save Koa Ridge!

The Sierra Club is proud to be running a series of radio ads in support of preserving Koa Ridge. Please take a look at our petition page and consider making a donation in order to continue the public pressure


 Hold Matson Accountable!

Matson said it "can't say" if it will pay for all of the damages caused by its molasses spill. Please help put pressure on decision-makers to hold Matson accountable for its actions. Let's send a message -- this should never happen again. 


Wanna Get Dirty?

Hawaii's environment needs your support, and hands-on teamwork is a great way to give something back. Accommodating all levels of skill and stamina (16 years and older), our service projects include tasks like building and maintaining trails, maintaining watersheds, and eradicating non-native vegetation. For more information, click on the "Get Dirty" logo today to find a service project near you!




Make a Donation:

Your support is critical! Please consider making a donation and help make theSierra Club's work in Hawaii possible!

Get Involved:

There are lots of ways to get involved.  You could volunteer and join the club today! 

Or stay up to date with state legislation at our Capitol Watch.

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