2012 Sierra Club Endorsements

The Green Seal of Approval!

Federal Races:


U.S. Senate:
Mazie Hirono

U.S. House District 1:  
Colleen Hanabusa

U.S. House District 2:  
Tulsi Gabbard


State Senate:

District 1Gilbert Kahele
District 2Russell E. Ruderman
District 3Joshua Green
District 4Lorraine Rodera Inouye
District 5Shan Tsutsui
District 6Roz Baker
District 7Kalani J. English
District 10Les Ihara, Jr.
District 11Carol Fukunaga
District 12Brickwood M. Galuteria
District 13Suzanne N..J. Chun Oakland
District 14Donna Mercado Kim
District 16David Y. Ige
District 17Clarence Nishihara
District 20Mike Gabbard
District 21Maile S.L. Shimabukuro
District 23Clayton Hee
District 25Laura Thielen


County of Hawai'i

MayorHarry Kim
District 2Steve (Keanahou) Wilhelm
District 4James Weatherford
District 5Zendo Kern
District 6Brenda Ford
District 8Karen Eoff
District 9Margaret Wille




What can I do?

 The best thing you can do for Hawai‘i's environment is to vote. 

Putting the right people in office is more than half the battle in our conservation work. The Sierra Club has done its best to select the best applicants for the job. Please support these candidates in the upcoming elections.

Want to do more?  Consider contacting this candidates and offering to assist them as a constituent and as a Sierra Club volunteer!


Where do I vote?

 Districts have changed! Find out district you're in and who you get to vote for by clicking here.


How do I register to vote?

Want to register to vote? It's easy! You can download the form and mail it in. The primary registration deadline is July 12, 2012 and the general deadline is October 8, 2012. 

Consider applying for an absentee ballot if you're going to be out of town or want to avoid congestion on election day.


Political Mailers!

The Sierra Club is engaging in politics in a manner that we've never done before. Want to see some of the mailings we're using to educate the public? 

Pono Chong - Keeping the Country, Country (Front, Back)

Pono Chong - Friend of Development (Front, Back)

Pono Chong - Destroying Solar

Pono Chong - NotPono! (Front, Back)

Nicole Lowen - Advancing Clean Energy!

State House:

District 1Mark M. Nakashima
District 3Marlene Hapai
District 4Faye P. Hanohano
District 6Nicole Lowen
District 9Gilbert S. Coloma Keith-Agaran
District 10Angus L. McKelvey
District 11Kaniela Ing
District 12Ekolu Kalama
District 13Mele Carroll
District 17Gene Ward
District 20Keiko Bonk (G); Dwight Synan (D)
District 24Della Au Belatti
District 25Sylvia Luke
District 26Scott Saiki
District 27Corinne Wei Lan Ching
District 29Karl Rhoads
District 31Aaron Ling Johanson
District 33Mark K. Takai
District 34Gregg Takayama
District 35Roy M. Takumi
District 36Marilyn B. Lee
District 40Joseph B. Rattner
District 41Matt LoPresti
District 45Lauren Kealohilani Cheape
District 47Gil Riviere
District 48Jessica Wooley
District 50Cynthia Thielen
District 51Chris Lee

County of Maui:

West MauiElle Cochran
LanaiRiki Hokama
KahuluiDon S. Guzman
MolokaiStacy Helm Crivello

 County of Kaua'i:

Gary Hooser


City and County of Honolulu:


District 1Alex Santiago
District 6Carol Fukunaga
District 9Ron Menor


Office of Hawaiian Affairs:

Open SeatHaunani Apoliona
Maui TrusteeRose Marie Ho'ouluahui Duey


Questions?  Updates?  Contact us!